One way of setting pulseaudio on Debian to stream to openmic through lame and ezstream

You need lame, pulseaudio and ezstream installed

My ezstream config file


With this config, one can use parec to pipe raw PCM to lame, which creates an mp3 stream which is piped to ezstream, which in turn sends it to openmic.

By setting parec to listen to the monitor device of the desired sound card, this makes you able to stream sound from for example Spotify to openmic

Setting parec to listen to the monitor device can be done through the program pavucontrol. Try recording a sample file with parec, like this:

parec /dev/null

and start pavucontrol. When you have started pavucontrol, look under the recording tab. You will find parec there, and you can set it to record from the monitor device

Now you can stop parec and try this:

parec | lame -r -s 44.1 -b 192 - - | ezstream -c openmic.xml

By now you can send sound from your media player of choice to openmic

In case you are running OpenBSD, maybe this works:

aucat -f snd/0.mon -o - | lame -r -s 44.1 -b 192 - - | ezstream -c openmic.xml

This last one was suggested by G0kita 2011 on the misc mailing list.

Hope it is still valid :-)

Oh, maybe this link can also be useful: